Friday, October 14, 2011

The Impatient Doorman

This is a story that is based off true events that occurred in Berkeley, CA. I plan on painting the characters and adding texture to the surface too.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pencil Test Double Bounce Animation

This is a project I am working with a partner to present to ACME Animation Online. We are creating 30's characters that will eventually lead into a swing dance. I am working on the male character that walks with a double bounce. This is a first draft, but so far I am happy with the fluid movement.

Epic Dino Games Logo

This dashing dinosaur is a logo I created for an educational game application company called Epic Dino Games. It was created in Photoshop.

Halloween Characters: Zombies!

With Halloween around the corner I am excited to finish these drawings up and paint the zombies in Photoshop!

Quick Doodles and Characters

A quick sketch of a girl and her cat. This was created in pen.

This is a sketch illustrating how my dog puts on his doe eyes when he wants to go outside. I can't resist. This was done in pen.

This a character of a girl I saw when about to board to BART. Her outfit and blond hair made her stand out among the crowd. This character was created in watercolor, pen, and pencil.

Animal Characters

A gray fox has been living in my front yard and with the beautiful animal I decided to take advantage of creating some realistic and character sketches.
This is a quick illustration of concept art for a painting I would like to create. This pink bunny with his large mustache has been entering my dreams lately and I think he would make a great character in a story. This piece was created with watercolor, pen, and pencil.

Animal Sketches

These are some animal sketches that I quickly drew on a trip to the Oakland Zoo. Here are some of the sketches that my partner in crime, Diego, drew at the zoo


 I spent a week on finishing this portrait for a friend. The medium is graphite.

This portrait was done of a model in a half hour. This medium is charcoal.

Polished Figure Drawings

Gesture Drawings

The above drawings are 1 minute drawings

 These drawings are 30 second quick gesture drawings that I have formulated to look as if they are a crowd of people in the same environment. The last two drawings I experimented with a different style.